Liberty Christian Academy

Discipline Plan of Action

 Discipline Philosophy

Liberty Christian Academy believes that discipline should first and foremost be an act of love and compassion.  A disciplined learning environment is critical to successful learning.  Hebrew 12:5b-6 says: “My son, do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord, Nor faint when you are reproved by Him; For those whom the Lord loves He disciplines, And He scourges every son whom He receives.”  Failure to discipline our students when their behavior is wrong would be a disservice to them and their peers.  The purpose of discipline is correct and guide a student toward godly living.

 Classroom Management

Teachers are given the ability to oversee discipline in the classroom, and communicate with parents about discipline issues with their students.  It is up to the discretion of the teacher to determine if an infraction can be handled through in-class consequences or if the student should be referred, via a write-up slip, to administration.  In-class consequences that may be assigned by the teacher include, but are not limited to: loss of privileges, loss of recess time, removal from class, and additional work (i.e. essay on the consequences of the misbehavior).  Recurring violations will result in a write-up with administrative referral.

Disciplinary Write-ups

Write-ups will be utilized when an infraction occurs that cannot be handled in the classroom alone.  Faculty and staff members will use their discretion to determine when a write-up is needed as opposed to merely noting the behavior in Renweb. Write-up slips are intended for instances when a more serious infraction has taken place, or when many minor infractions have been occurring with no improvement in the student’s behavior.

Level I problems involve classroom/hallway behaviors and attitudes that require resolution by a teacher, but may involve parents and administration.  A write-up slip and RenWeb notification will be issued, and parents may be notified.  Listed below are appropriate consequences for Level I violations.

Level II violations include activities and attitudes that show a lack of respect for authority or peers.  Level II violations will result in a formal disciplinary write-up, office referral, and parent contact.  Listed below are the appropriate consequences for Level II violations.

Level III misbehaviors include unlawful acts, activities that seriously threaten the safety of the student or others, acts that show gross lack of respect for authority or property, or acts that violate Biblical and moral codes of conduct.  This also includes any act of disobedience.  All Level III violations will result in a formal disciplinary write-up, administration referral, and call to parents.  Listed below are the appropriate consequences for Level III violations.

The LCA School Board reserves the right to review every disciplinary action and impose a more severe disciplinary action whenever necessary.     


  • Hallway and bathroom violations or disturbances
  • Unintentional misuse or damage of property
  • Eating and drinking in prohibited areas
  • Tardiness (late to class)
  • Disrupting the learning environment
  • Writing and passing notes in class
  • Throwing objects in school (i.e. rocks, dirt, trash)
  • Any other minor disturbances that prevent order in and out of the  classroom


  • Loss of privileges such as recess minutes
  • Additional work
  • Replacement of property
  • Parental notification
  • Friday School
  • Recurring violations will result in more severe consequences as outlined in Level II


  • Multiple instances of Level I Offenses
  •  Lying
  • Slander
  • Cheating
  •  Plagiarism
  • Stealing
  • Physical aggression or horseplay
  •  Disrespect to staff or students
  • Deliberate disrespect or damage of property
  • Direct disobedience
  • Habitually late, incomplete, or missing assignments (not completing homework)
  • Habitual tardiness
  • Obscenity, profanity, vulgarity
  • Excessive absences
  • Truancy


  • Write-up
  • Referral to administration
  • Parents notification via RenWeb
  • Friday School Detention
  • Removal from the class
  • Replacement of property
  • Loss of privileges (including extracurricular activities such as LU trip, field trips, athletics and arts programs, events, field trips, etc.)
  • Saturday detention with fee
  • ·Probation
  • In or out of school suspension
  • Recurring Level  II offenses will result in more severe consequences, which may include expulsion.


  • Defacing school property
  • Viewing, possession, or distribution of inappropriate images or language
  • Sending or distributing texts, messages, and photos which include sexually explicit language, profanity, or inappropriate content
  • Leaving campus without permission
  • Fighting and other excessive physical abuse
  • Possession or use of tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, drugs, or any related paraphernalia
  • Possession of any weapon or explosive
  •  Sexual harassment or misconduct
  • Frequent and repeated violation of Category II rules
  • Bullying


  • Write-up
  • Immediate suspension
  • Immediate expulsion
  • Notification of parents and proper authorities
  • Loss of privileges
  • Friday School Detention
  • Removal from the class
  • Replacement of property
  • Saturday detention with fee
  • Probation
  • In or out of school suspension